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Come on

Just got back from a trip to Cashiers, NC in which I scraped the side of my van on a post. I have 2 nice dents and gray paint on the passenger side. I also busted my cruise control sometime between Fri afternoon and Sunday morning because that doesn't work anymore. I love my cruise control and have to get fixed. Augh.

Work sucks in general. I won't go into it too much.

I've been having some real "senior" moments recently, mostly a case of the what-did-I-come-in-here-for? There's also been the putting down and forgetting where I put that and doing something, forgetting that I did it, and doing it again, like washing my face twice. I'll be 28 in August and that's not old. I have no idea what's wrong with me.

My rebate check finally came yesterday, just in time to fix my van. I've been trying to save for a new computer, but there's always something. I'd like to get one this year, but that may not happen.

I suppose I should go to work now.


I was up in Cashiers this weekend! We must have passed each other.
Sorry to hear about the van :(