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Nov. 8th, 2007

It's been a while

Sunday I headed up to Charlottesville, Va to see my cousin, who is a first year at UVa. It was a trip filled with low and high points. She studied all Sunday night when I got there, I relaxed with books and magazines. Monday we met for lunch and toured the grounds. I took her off campus to the mall, dinner and window shopping. Tuesday she got up early to study again and we went to lunch and I made my way back here while she went off for a day of class, work and marching band practice.

It's an interesting college. You have to be super smart to get in and have to study like mad to stay in. People dress up for class, something that hardly ever happened in Fredonia, unless you were a music major. I think people there have money. The dorm my cousin is in is currently over heated. She ended up with single, just by default, and the room is like a prison cell, it's so small. Good thing she's never there. The dining hall food sucks, but I wonder since I've been out of college for 5 years, if all dining hall food would suck to me. It was fun to be back on a campus but the amount of people studying really threw me. I've never seen anyone study that much in Fredonia.

But my cousin really enjoys it, so I'm happy for her.

Not much else here in Abingdon. We close the fall rep soon and tech for Christmas Carol Tuesday and Wednesday before Turkey Day.

Sep. 27th, 2007

Taking a poll...

Who would win in a fight?
Dracula or Voldemort?

Sep. 17th, 2007

State Line Bar and Grill

On Friday night some co-workers were playing at a bar in Bristol. Rosa, Mary Rose and I went. I told them if anyone asked I was Stacey and I worked at Sonic. I decided M.R. was Jessica, we call her KK for short. This guy drapes his arm around me and he's says how ya doing? And I say hey, how are ya? I haven't seen you in forever. I don't know this guy but it's fun to play. He asks me if the 3 of us go to ACC (WTF?) and I say yeah and he says he graduated from Virginia Tech and I say we did too. Then I say we're all seniors at VT and he gets so excited and he makes us do a Hookies cheer (which we don't know) and asks us how old we are. I say we're all 23 which isn't a stretch for M.R. (23) or Rosa (24) but pushing it for me (27). So in a span of about 60 seconds we went to ACC, graduated from VT and were seniors at VT. The guy accepted this, loved us and told us so. How wonderful.

The next night was closng for Harry Chapin. The job-ins had a party at their housing. I broke in my new camera and ate a lot and drank more. We played Guitar Hero, which I suck at, and generally socialized until 3am.

This week we tech Dracula. bring on the flash pots, onstage vampire transformations and exploding coffins. My brian is fried from Harry Chapin and needs a challenge and some problem solving activities.
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Oh snap- Career Matches

I put 30 of them up b/c I thought Taxi Driver and Bus Driver was funny. Vending Machine Servicer? Notice how all these professions pay squat. I guess I'm destined to be poor.

1.Set Designer
2.Costume Designer
3.Special Effects Technician
4.Fashion Designer
5.Vending Machine Servicer
7.Auto Detailer
8.Train Operator
9. Medical Illustrator
12.Graphic Designer
14.Tow Truck Driver
15.ESL Teacher
16.Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
17.Computer Trainer
18.Foreign Language Instructor
21.Personal Trainer
23.Desktop Publisher
24.Bus Driver
25.Transit Operator
26.Taxi Driver
30.Tour Guide

Aug. 6th, 2007

(no subject)


A little early and I can't do anything cool, like make it pretty or make it scroll, so you just get a bunch of exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug. 3rd, 2007

How is it August?

This summer has zoomed by. They always do. Even when you don't have to go back to school or the weather is still hot, summer's always fly by. This summer I've spent a decent time working: patching up the knees of orphan pants b/c the designer decided to buy flimsy pants from the Children's Place. That same designer is also the choreographer (conflict of interest) and has the children sliding on the knees across the stage. So I get to patch orphan pants. I've also gone the last week and a half w/out a day off b/c the shop manager wanted me at both techs for the playwright festival. I asked if the Stage 2 sup and I could split the days and the shop manager wanted me to take both. Well, if you don't have confidence in the Stage 2 sup, why'd you hire her? Then I go into the shop today and the designer for the next show opening later this month says, "you're gonna have to sit thru rehearsals and track things." Right. So I told her I'm already working 8 shows a week and I don't have time for that. Oh she says. Really? What do you think I do all day?

So this summer is on it's way out. I've secured some time off to go home over Labor Day weekend but tix are 300$. It's only 165$ if I fly out of Richmond and stay with my aunt. So not sure what to do. 10 hours round trip driving or the convenience of driving down the road to fly out. I hate that out airport is so small and the prices are always so high.

Oh, what else is going on? I've seen 3 midnight movies this summer: Harry Potter and OotP, Hairspray and The Simpsons. All were good. I'd love to see OotP again but not sure if that will happen. I finished DH and thought it was ok. The last 1/4 of the book was the best. It sucks that she killed off my fav character, but I figured he'd die anyway.

I've got a beach trip going for the 12th and 13th. I'm trying to get Karen to come w/ me. A co-worker said she'd go, but Karen would be more fun and I haven't seen her in forever.

Jul. 23rd, 2007

All in the name of Harry Potter

4th of July was fun. Went by way too fast. There never seems to be enough time w/people you love. I saw someone who looked so much like Matt, I couldn't enjoy the rest of my go kart ride. They have some major go karts in Pigeon Forge. The tracks are elevated and have big hills and turns. V. cool.

My DH book came Sat. I'm almost done. I have about 200 pages left. I kinda want to savor the ending, stretch out the goodness. Like saving the best food on your plate for last.

I went to the Dr.'s and had my blood drawn for the first time today. It wasn't bad until I wanted to pass out.

Jul. 2nd, 2007


I wish I could say nothing's been happening here. After my great-grandpa died on Memorial Day, we went into Oliver tech. The week after that was an 8 show Oliver week then the next week was only a 5 show week but my dad came to visit Father's Day weekend. After he left, we had another tech week and that Friday had a company meeting. We were told that our attendance has been down and to save this season and next (our 75th), there would be budget cuts. Ten people were laid off, none in costumes, but still awesome people to work with who know what they're doing. Dept budgets were cut and we changed out this fall's Candide with Driving Miss Daisy. So come see our shows, we need money.

After that whole thing, our Stage 2 wardrobe sup decides to move to Louisville with a 2 week notice. So now our dept has to shift people around to cover for her leaving. Our wardrobe assistant got promoted to take over Stage 2, which is ok, I guess. She's older, can't see, can't thread a machine, and really a bit daft, an actor who'd obviously rather be acting but real sweet and I guess being at Stage 2 isn't rocket science so it's ok. In 5 days, I'll be the only person in the wardrobe dept who has more than 1 year experience. Whatev's.

So Sat Dori stopped by, starting her vacation by spending the night in my apt. She was off to TN to see her sister. Tomorrow night, we'll all be in Gatlinburg, TN for 4th of July. When I get back, it's the final days until Stage 2 is in someone else's hands then aunt, uncle and generations of cousins were supposed to be coming to visit. After they leave, Dori and her cousin will stop by on their way back to D.C. After all that, I'm joining the Witness Protection Program and moving somewhere where no one will want to visit, like Cuba.

Jun. 12th, 2007


This might be of interest to some on my f-list. Neil Gaiman will be here in Abingdon in August sometime to premiere some movie or something he did with Charles Vess. Stardust or something like that. One of the people I work with's boyfriend told me about this and I thought "I know some people who would love that".

We had our company picnic yesterday. I went out on the boat 3 times. I ate a lot and watched fireworks. It pisses me off how paired off this company is. Mostly I don't think about it, but when you get everyone together, it's like wow, I didn't realize I had to bring a date. I said this outloud while drunk and one of my gay co-worker's offered to be my date. Yeah, everyone here is either dating or married. WTF. I also can't stand people who are obessed over their S.O.'s. I was sitting under a tree and looked around and there were like 3 couples lying on blankets, making out. If you're gonna do that, go home. I don't want to see that and neither does anyone else.

And that's my rant. I'm out.

May. 29th, 2007


This link will get you to a pic of great grandpa sitting in his barber chair at the shop in Sodus.


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